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Full Moon [Earmilk Event Preview + Tickets]

When you're smoking outside a venue, out on a date or walking home from work, pointing out a full moon to the opposite sex is not only a friendly but also a romantic gesture.  Whether doing so could give you luck for the rest of the evening or lead to a friendly conversation, a full moon generally signifies goodness. It is human nature to feel awe at the beautiful universe and on August 30th, a party just as incredible will be taking place called Full Moon at the Beekman Beer Garden Beach Club. Brought to you by A Matte Production, popular indie-tronic artists will be performing and DJing the evening from 9 pm to 4 in the morning. One of our favorite live bands, YACHT, will be  headlining along with the support from electronic pioneers Gigamesh, Sneaky Soundsystem, Tesla Boy and JDH & Dave P. Check out the mini playlist we've put together for a sneak peek of what August 30th has to offer.

Since Earmilk is one of the media sponsors of Full Moon, you can purchase discounted tickets through us. All you have to do is simply type in EARMILK as the discount code through the link below. The first 50 participants will receive $10 off the original $30 tickets ($20!). Everyone after the first 50 can get $5 off ($25!). If I were you, I'd jump on the ten dollar off deal. Keep checking with us because we have a few more exclusives in store before the party.



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