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Saint Lou Lou - "Maybe You"

The twin sister duo of Elektra and Miranda Kilbey, collectively known as Saint Lou Lou, may not be a commonplace name yet, but with a convincing initial single about to be released, this could very well be changing. The backstory for these sisters is a little unclear, but it appears they grew up splitting time between Australia and Sweden, choosing to settle down in the latter to focus on making music. The initial offering from Saint Lou Lou, entitled "Maybe You", is a slow-churning, plaintive affair, backed by atmospheric tones and sparse acoustic slides.  The track is set for release on August 27th via French label Kitsuné and produced by Addeboy vs Cliff. And from what I can deduce based off Google-translated interviews, it also appears that Saint Lou Lou plans on releasing more material this fall. Whatever the facts may be, I remain optimistic and hopeful for more content in the upcoming months, but for now, am content with the beautiful "Maybe You".

Along with the original, August 27th release will feature remixes by the Miami Horror's drummer Good Night Keaton,CFCF, Oxford & Le Crayon, and Pyramid. Kitsuné has put together a mini mix of the remixes, which is available for download below. For our international friends, Saint Lou Lou will be putting on their first live performance at Sweden's Popaganda festival at the end of this month and then playing at Gold Dust in London on September 19th.


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  • The backstory is obvious. Last name=Kilbey. Under the Milky Way. The rest fills itself in.

    Avatar Marie October 6, 2012 10:44 AM Reply

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