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Borealis - Voidness [Album]

Earlier in 2012 Romania-based collective Origami Sound alluded to the newest full-length project from Canadian producer Jesse Somfay with two brilliant remix packages under the alias of Borealis. Borealis' debut album, Voidness, has since been released by the label on a pay-what-you-can basis. 

Voidness, which will be available on CD October 1st, is akin to an upstream swim amongst a variety of down-stream forces represented in so much popular and underground music. Electronic-based music often has trouble balancing the substance fueled dance-floor with true artistic ambitions, but the best sounds come when this balance has no part in conscious creation. Voidness is a record with clear purpose, not to be consumed as "auditory wallpaper" as Somfay puts it, but to enhance the thoughts of the listener about existence, the present, and to meditate on creativity in such a way as to provide new insights and solutions into individual and human issues. 

While as a listener, I could discuss my favourite tracks, or specify sonic particulars on why I believe Borealis' debut album to be such a forward-thinking record, but that would only detract from experiences different from my own. Download and listen to the full album below. 



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