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Damian Marley, Tarrus Riley, Wayne Marshall & TOK - "Independence"

In honor and celebration of Jamaica's 50th independence anniversary today, Damian Marley, Tarrus Riley, Wayne Marshall and TOK released "Independence" - a dancehall play on the Jamaican national anthem that questions the true meaning of independence.

Conscious reggae music as a tool for social change is a Jamaican invention and one of the greatest gifts the tiny island country has given the world - thanks Bob Marley. In the Jamaican tradition we see its possible to be critical of your country and still be proud of your nationality. Happy birthday Jamaica!




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  • Hey guys VP Records just posted a history of Jamaican music sampler if anybody's interested: http://soundcloud.com/vprecords-official/out-of-many-50-years-of-reggae


    Avatar Shane Carrick August 6, 2012 7:02 PM Reply

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