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Trails and Ways - "Mtn Tune"

When speaking of summer and the corresponding festivities within, Susan P. Schutz wrote “Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair...” Such blissful existence is a dish best served in accompaniment with music, and right now there may be no better such track than Trails and Ways' newest single, "Mtn Tune".

The band resides where summer was born, and the influence of their home state is evident. The "California-Pop" sound, the same that propelled their previous single "Nunca" to the top of Hype Machine, is perhaps their most recognizable quality. Yet, by taking something that is often cliche, Trails and Ways has made the California vibe their own, creating something both unique and original.

"Mtn Tune" is the ideal summer anthem. Complimentary vocals, dancy synths and a guitar/drum combination that reminds one of The Neighbourhood -- this song has it all. Be it on a beach or in your back yard, let Trails and Ways guide your dance in the sun, and inhale the blissful existence of summer.

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Indie · Rock · Synth


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