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Tomcraft – "The Noyz" (Feat. Sam Obernik) (Original Mix)

German producer Tomcraft always has a surprise up his sleeve, which shouldn’t be a surprise since this guy has been perfecting his craft for over a decade.  He recently released a remix of his classic track “Overdose” that was featured in the cult classic Party Monster; crowds at festivals and shows (recently he has been playing across Eastern Europe a lot) must be going nuts for this. Today however, we have a new track for you called “The Noyz” feat. Sam Obernick, a delightfully funky jam that fits well within his self-labeled progressive techno genre. It features smooth climbs and drops, soulful vocals with an awesome 70’s twang, and some solid bass and grunge. Enjoy.

Stream:Tomcraft feat. Sam Obernik – The Noyz (Original Mix)

Progressive · Techno


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