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Tame Impala – "Elephant"

Tame Impala is a psychedelic rock back hailing from Perth, Australia. Gaining lots of attention after their album Innerspeaker, great things were expected to come from them in the near future. Very recently, they released thee first single, "Elephant", off their upcoming album Lonerism. Infusing rock grooves with dreamy melodies, they create a distinct and unique sound that only Tame Impala can wield.

Their latest tune "Elephant" is a heavy hitter. With a weighty riff repeating throughout the track, those looking for a jovial summer track should shove on. This song doesn't mess around. It gets straight to the core of psychedelic rock and the dreamy vocals, almost reminiscent of the vocal style of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Overall, it's a mighty fine bangin' tune to get your air-guitaring game on to. 

Play: Tame Impala – Elephant

Psych-rock · Rock


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