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G-Eazy – "Plastic Dreams" (Feat. Johanna Fay)

A dark life with bright dreams seems to be the picture our resident retro rapper G-Eazy wants to paint with his newest track, "Plastic Dreams." Featuring feather-light vocals by Johanna Fay over a warbling, mellow beat, the material is a bit darker than his past work but never loses his signature 60s/Beatles-esque style, or his playful, tongue-in-cheek lyricism. "The lyrics are an honest reflection of where I am with my life and career at this point in time," G-Eazy says about the track, which covers everything from the fantasy of shacking up with Rihanna to the struggle to gain success. As he contemplates that fine line between reality and the illusion of it, G-Eazy has managed to make a meaningful, original song while piquing our interest in his upcoming album release, Must Be Nice, out September 26.  

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