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Boris Dlugosch - Cycle [EP]

Today Boris Dlugosch's debut release on Belgium Lekroluv Records hits the Beatport store with a big bang. The Cycle EP is his eagerly awaited single since his club hit "Bangkok" out on Erol Alkan's Phantasy Sound label in 2009 or his "Sweet Light" remix for Boys Noize. With his  twenty plus years of experience in making music and DJing, he simply knows what's necessary to release a number one single.

Together with remixes by French Etienne de Crecy, who has been in the business since 1993, and the young and talented Belgium VNNR the whole EP is predestined to be played on and around the dancefloor. The title track "Cycle" perfectly combines the vintage warmth of a classic techno track and Boris approach to release tracks that work perfectly in his DJ-sets. Both remixes, equal if it's the 115 bpm slowed down version by Etienne de Crecy or the more aggressive VNNR version, they complete the package to a must-have EP so far this year. Be sure to get your favourite on Beatport or just keep waiting for the vinyl version which hits the Lektroluv store soon.

Dance · Electronic · Techno


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