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Elyse - "Open Doors"

 I'll have to admit something. For some reason, there aren't many female musicians that I enjoy listening to. However, Elyse is one of those exceptions. The 29 year old Frenchwoman is virtually unknown to the public, but I predict that will change sooner or later. She is influenced by a lot of artists and musicians, such as Bonobo, Radiohead, Zero 7, Moby, Portishead, Massive Attack, and many others alike. With a sexy, suave voice often accompanied with a guitar or piano, she is making people do a double-take with her track "Open Doors".

The beginning mood-setting piano quickly establishes what the tempo of the tune will be, and is quickly offset by the groovy beat. The silky smooth vocals hit you like a ton of bricks. I was mesmerized at first listen by the track's elegance and simplicity. There isn't too much to "Open Doors", which is exactly how I like it. If any other element was added, it just wouldn't be the same. Expect to hear more from Elyse.


Indie · Pop


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