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Murs - "Animal Style" [Video]

If asked to compile a shortlist of taboo subjects in hip-hop homosexuality would likely be high on that list. At the same time along with misogynistic lyrics, widespread homophobia and vitriolic hate speech targeting homosexuals is one of the shamefully unfortunate dark aspects of hip-hop.

It comes as no surprise that an open-minded, forward-thinking artist such as Murs would be the voice of reasoning to direct positive attention to the issue of homosexuality which even in 2012 continues to be a hotly contentious topic. In the video for his song "Animal Style",which is off his 2011 release, Love & Rockets - Vol. 1 The Transformation, Murs narrates the turbulent relationship of two male lovers struggling to follow their hearts and cultivate their love for one another in a society that all but disapproves of their relationship.

With Frank Ocean's recent statement regarding his sexuality seeming to usher in active discussions as to whether it is possible for the traditionally homophobic hip-hop community to address the issue of homosexuality, Murs' song and video are ever more timely as the hip-hop community as a whole is forced to collectively re-evaluate its stance on homosexuality and hopefully embrace an attitude of universal acceptance.

 Love & Rockets - Vol. 1 The Transformation, available now via DD172

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