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Future Islands – "Cotton Flower"

As part of the Less Artists More Condos 7" series from Brooklyn's Famous Class Records, the label asked their favorite Baltimore synth-rock stars to contribute an unreleased track. In return, the alliance of Future Islands delivered a single titled "Cotton Flower". "Cotton Flower" is about being under the sun and enjoying the natural, organic beauty of a little cotton flower with your beloved someone. Much like all of the music from Future Islands, the well-constructed pop harmonies and melodramatic vocals scream "we come in peace",as pieces of sentimental romance slowly takes over the entire atmosphere. My flushed iTunes account only contains this one song and I am more than satisfied with replaying "Cotton Flower" over and over again.

The Future Islands addition is part two of the LAMC series. "Cotton Flower" is on side A and side B features two tracks from a band, hand picked by Future Islands, Ed Schrader's Music Beat. The record is pay what you want via bandcamp with all proceeds going directly to the  Ariel Panero (label partner) Memorial Fund at VH1 Save the Music. For the physical collection, you'll have to wait until July, 17th. Support the cause and pre-order the 7" now.

Download: FAMOUS CLASS RECORDS / LAMC 7" SERIES – Future Islands – Cotton Flower

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  • This is awesome. Sorry about your iTunes. :(

    Avatar seanhive July 16, 2012 3:28 AM Reply

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