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∂eƒ Sound - "Eyes&axx." (Van.Vogue.yeepmix)

In celebration of the completion of his new online store ThatYoungDefShop.com which is set to launch July 16∂eƒ Sound decided to go in over Azealia Banks' Machinedrum produced song "Van Vogue" off her month old 1991 EP to create his own unique rework titled, "Eyes&axx." 

The surreal song plays out as a full-blown dialogue with a woman's rump. While ass worship is far from out of the norm in hip-hop,∂eƒ Sound takes a more creative approach in his personal ode to the anatomical wonder that is the female derrière.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/51624794" iframe="true" /]

The song is also the soundtrack to ∂eƒ's new lookbook. Feel free to check out the the visual misadventure below and look out for ∂eƒ Sound's upcoming album,△nything: thee.idea.machine, available July 24.

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