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Daily 2% – Chilled and Ready To Serve [Robot Science]

It's time to unwind a bit and let music paint a portrait for you. Hi, my name is Freudianslipz, and this is your Daily 2% – Chilled and Ready to Serve. Robot Science is just one man, Charlie Yin. You may also know him from his main project Giraffage. He is a producer/multi-instrumentalist based out of San Fransisco, CA. Yin under the Robot Science alias makes beautiful luscious electronic instrumentals that are upbeat, and filled with  dreamy colorful  bleeps and bloops. As an example of this exemplary style is the track "Fog"– off his 2011 album; Good Luck. It features an explosion of flavors that engulfs your ears with what can be described as; bright pastel imagery of cotton candy sugary sweets . It is hard not to grin as you listen to such chill bubbly music. As a matter of fact, I challenge to listen to the whole album and not feel like your at a carnival of fluff and joy. This is perfect music to just lay flat on the grass without a care in the world and watch the clouds flow by.

Download: Robot Science – Fog

Buy/Download  Robot Science – Good Luck

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