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Cheri Coke x MeLo-X – X/COKE [EP]

After teasing listeners with several promising previews of their collaborative project, MeLo-X and Cheri Coke (collectively known as X/Coke) have released their joint self-titled EP, X/COKE. The previously leaked tracks 'The Garden of Eden", "Free" and "Interlude" were all strong indicators that MeLo and Cheri had something truly special up their sleeves with this project.

The brainchild of late night studio sessions in MeLo's native Brooklyn, X/COKE is an adventure in sound and artistic exploration. Hailed by some as vocalist Cheri Coke's return to the music scene, after listening to the captivating opening track "The Garden of Eden" it's quite apparent she hasn't lost a step. Throughout the EP her seductively beautiful vocals are on full display over MeLo's eclectic soundscapes. 

Download: Cheri Coke – The Garden of Eden

Cheri is joined by MeLo on the second from last song on the seven track EP, "Ryder (IJS)".  On the track the multi-talented producer steps behind the boards to spit some bars over his percussion-driven beat. The closing track , which is a soulfully rich cover of Portishead's "Sour Times", is a pleasant surprise and a fitting end to an overall enjoyable EP.

Download:Cheri Coke – Ryder (IJS) (Feat. MeLo-X)

Described by MeLo-X and Cheri Coke as a "natural high for all who listen" the duo's natural chemistry and their shared creative approach to music can be both heard and felt in their music. I know it's a bit premature to start speculating about a follow-up project, however I definitely can see these two talented artists collaborating again in the near future. 

Download: Cheri Coke – Sour Times (Portishead Cover)

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