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The Royal Concept - "Gimme Twice"

While I don't claim to be an expert on Sweden, I can say with some conviction that over the years, Sweden has exported some very noteworthy musicians. Major Digression: (As I attempted to compile a concise list of Swedish artists, which ultimately failed to due the sheer amount of talent, I felt compelled to spotlight one artist. Rednex, a Swedish techno group, is responsible for creating the song which would go on to form the dance taught at every elementary and middle school dance,  "Cotton Eye Joe".) The latest talent out of Sweden to be making a splash is The Royal Concept, formerly known without the regal attachment as The Concept.

At the end of last year, The Royal Concept debuted "Gimme Twice," generating a flood of buzz about the band while simultaneously casting the track to the top of The Hype Machine. Since then, the band has stockpiled a handful of new songs together to form their debut self-titled EP, released today through Universal Republic. Available for a free download is the single "Gimme Twice," or stream the rest of the EP before purchasing it on iTunes.

Drawing comparisons to Phoenix, the band creates infectious sun-filled pop-rock which may not win points for originality but is certain to stir up everyone's inner dance urges. The band successfully incorporates their raw energy into their studio work, which, led by David Larson's lead vocals, can be felt radiating from the speakers. To mark the release of their EP, The Royal Concept also released the video acompanyment for "Gimme Twice." Watch as a posse of attractive women hold the band hostage, forcing them to perform "Gimme Twice" while withstanding a foray of semi-vicious attacks.

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  • I've heard this song "Gimme More." I liked it before, and I like this band now. Thanks for turning me on to some indie--my Trail of Dead and Hum records have lost their shine :(

    Avatar seanhive June 19, 2012 8:34 PM Reply
  • i really had to double check, it just sounds so much like phoenix : /

    Avatar Carlos Orozco Lee June 23, 2012 12:35 AM Reply

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