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Blazo - "Inspiration"

Blazo needs no introduction here. Being that well-known beat master has its perks. It also puts on quite the pressure to continually turn out quality tunes after quality tunes. Fans of Blazo already know his tracks are heavily influenced by jazz, thus giving him quite the reputation for making outstanding, jazzy beatstrumentals. The track I bring you today is called "Inspiration", which happens to be one of Blazo's unreleased work recently set out into the wild.

The name "Inspiration" is pretty fitting, in that he incorporates an element that is quite uncommon for his tracks. After the first 20 seconds, you'll notice immediately. Yes, he introduced scratching into this track. This actually caught me off guard since almost all of Blazo's work happens to be jazz related in one way or another. "Inspiration" is still is jazz oriented, except with the scratching. Regardless, it's a quality tune as usual. 


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  • He no Bonobo Though. 

    Avatar Villainian June 18, 2012 3:40 AM Reply
  • Hey ThePhil, where can I get a high-res version of that black&white pic of the sax player on the floor? So cool! Thanks

    Avatar rascally5 July 2, 2012 11:44 PM Reply

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