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Owsey - "Don't Worry, I'm Here Now" (Feat. Kine Hjeldnes)

Owsey has recently shared a track off his upcoming EP release "Don't Worry, I'm Here Now" featuring Kine Hjeldnes. The track is nothing short of extraordinary and magical, as expected. Take a moment to listen to the record, and no matter where you are, you'll find that it's easy to block the rest of the world out while listening.

There seems to be a bit more bass instilled within this track than previous tracks from Owsey, however it does the vibe justice. We have always liked the vocals he chops into his tracks, and this one is just as magical as the last. See if you can hear the clips of Rihanna's "Disturbia" chopped in throughout the track. The flawless execution in which he overlayed vocals from a Top 40 song just goes to show how talented he is at taking ambient music to another level. Kine Hjeldnes plays a significant role throughout the duration of the track, adding her vocal and guitar skills to the mix. 

For those unfamiliar with Owsey (pronounced "Oh-Zee"), we had the opportunity to interview him late last year. Since then, he has truly taken off as an artist. Originating from Northern Ireland, you can sense the beauty of the landscapes that surrounds and inspires him when he crafts his music. The vibe each song he produces possesses is truly magical. He plays with sounds of nature, echoes of vocals, and with this track, incorporates bass to provide the listener with a beat to fall back on throughout the duration of his song. Turning his experiences into aural-dreams, each track is unique and brings light to the universal experience that is human life on Earth. 

This track is from Owsey's forthcoming and currently untitled EP, which will be released through Bandcamp. The EP will feature Owsey's strongest work as a musician so far, covering a range of moods whilst maintaining an atmosphere native to his sound. We are excited for the release EP, and will be sure to keep readers in the loop as to specifics as we receive them. For now, be sure to join him on his musical journey. We know we will be following closely.

Ambient · Dub · Experimental


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