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Daisuke Tanabe – "Nel"

I've always considered Daisuke Tanabe to be the lesser-known Japanese counter part or the Asian version of Four Tet. Tanabe is always looking for new, experimental routes that would provoke new tingling senses throughout your nervous system. Though he doesn't have a fan-base quite as big as Four Tet, his work is definitely noteworthy and praised. One of his latest soundscapes is "Nel".

"Nel" is technically sound in production. The simplistic filtered beat coupled with environmental sounds playing in the background makes for a fantastic soundscape. You can hear indistinguishable chatter, movement, silverware and whatnot throughout the majority of the song. I think it could be in a restaurant setting, but I'm not entirely sure. I'm not going to read into this tune too much, I rather just enjoy its perfection and let it speak for itself.



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