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The Due Diligence - "Flannery" [Exclusive Video]

If the weather near you is also as gloomy as it is in New York, do yourself a favor and listen to some garage soul. The New York band that fits perfectly under those specific desires are called The Due Diligence. Fronted by Isaac Gillespie, this solid rock alliance has given Earmilk an exclusive video of  "Flannery". The track is seduced with gentle howls from the guitar and Gillespie, while visually paired with black and white memories of their favorite bar in East Village. Gillespie says he wrote song about ghosts,"the disparity between how important things feel in the present and how silly they seem once they've past. This goes double when you consider how much stuff we do for the sake of posterity." Read the description of the video on Vimeo for more details and a free download of the track. 

Here is a all time favorite track from The Due Diligence:

Download: the Due Diligence - I Will Wreck Your Life

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