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Introducing: Yvette

Placing this under an "introducing" post is probably not the most accurate but understanding that not everyone is familiar with the music scene of Brooklyn, I am personally here to tell you about Yvette. Yvette is the heavy industrial rock collision of Noah Kardos-Fein and Rick Daniel. Early this year, the band released a 7" containing two tracks; "Erosion" and "Cold Sweat". As each track title triggers steamy, heat related senses, Yvette boils with abrasive punk qualities. They are a two man "no-wave" band and they construct the drums and guitar to the highest distorted magnitude. The 7" is available now through God Mode but "Cold Sweat" is for you to experience below. 

Download: YVETTE - Cold Sweat

Grunge · Indie · Psych-rock


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8 years ago

This I fuckin really dig.