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Omar - Sing (If You Want It) Re-Twisted [Album]

Some six years have passed since the release of internationally acclaimed British soul singer-songwriter Omar's last album Sing (If You Want It). It seems that time gap has given the father of British neo-soul all the more reason to commission a re-twisted version of his last LP by Grammy award-winning producer, DJ and musician Scratch Professer, who just so happens to be Omar’s brother.

The release of Sing (If You Want It) Re-Twisted features seven remixed tracks originally from the Omar's 2006 album. For his reworks Scratch Professer augments the original tracks to give his re-imagined creations a slightly more updated and flavored sound, while preserving the soulful essence of each record. Stream two of my personal favorites below and follow the link below to grab a copy of Sing (If You Want It) Re-Twisted, which is available now on iTunes via Tru Thoughts.

Stream: Omar - Sing (If You Want It) (Scartch Professer Re-Twist)

Stream: Omar - It's So (Scratch Professer Re-Twist)

Neo-Soul · R&B


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cuz its sooo
cuz its sooo
9 years ago

uhhhh so dope..