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Sleigh Bells - "Demons" (Diplo Remix)

This remix is very on point for such a sudden shift from genre to genre. Diplo, who is always on tour, still finds a way to hit the studio and throw down big tunes such as this. The vocals of Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells captivate as Diplo brings the heat of a hip-hop build up.

After the build the song transitions to a Dutchy but trap-like tune with lots of progressing snare rolls, 808 kick drums and tuned percussion. Diplo really showcases his hip-hop skills with this track. He has produced Die Antwoord's "Evil Boy"  and GD & TOP's "Knockout," I'm sure there are even more hip-hop tracks he's crafted that I'm not aware of. #TRAPDOWN.

Dance · Hip-Hop


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  • damn, this is huge. i like about half of Diplo's music and this is great. can't wait to hear on a system.

    Avatar Heatwolves May 23, 2012 3:40 AM Reply

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