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Kahn - Margeaux [EP]

One of the latest in a long line of immensely talented producers emerging from Bristol, Kahn has already released on Peverelist’s renowned Punch Drunk label as well as earning a release on the consistent Black Box Records. Kahn has a way of targeting a particular sound in the realm of not just dubstep but electronic music as a whole and absolutely nailing it. Be it his interpretation of the “purple sound” made popular by fellow Bristolians Joker, Gemmy  and Guido on “Illy”, making soulful, slinky garage (“Like We Used  To”) or creating 2006-era dubstep on “Way Mi Defend” the man has an incredible talent of grasping a sound and getting it so right, to put it simply. His latest release on Idle HandsMargeaux EP – has him tackling garage again, with a 2-step skip that is just as irrestible as “Like We Used To”. “Margeaux Part 1” has tickling snares and a warping, catchy vocal manipulated wonderfully by Kahn surrounded by addictive, Four Tet-like atmospherics. “Margeaux Part 2” is  decidedly darker, a heavily reverbed male vocal plays as an intro to more 2-step grooves as the vocal of the first track returns backed with a more sinister background. As expected, Kahn delivers again with another pair of tunes in his slowly growing yet massively impressive catalogue that everyone should be checking out. Stream both tracks below:

Bass · Easy Listening · Electronic · U.K.


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8 years ago

jesus that is awesome