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David Dallas – "Pay Off"

David Dallas is one of the few New Zealand hip-hop artists to have international presence outside of the Australasian territory; he creates relatable, true to self hip-hop and never strays too far away from the Kiwi mindset within his music. I highly recommend checking out his 2011 album The Rose Tint, great rhymes, fantastic beats and some strong features.

But back to the song at hand, "Pay Off" is a track that is set to release on (what I'm guessing is) an upcoming project entitled Falling Into Place, no set release date or additional information on the said project but if it's anything like The Rose Tint (and "Pay Off" is a good indication that it will be) then it'll be dope.

I'd also really like to give props to the producer of this track especially, Nick "41" Maclaren. The beat and sample is infectious.


<strong>Download:</strong> <a href="http://files2.earmilk.com/upload/mp3/2012-05/Pay-Off–EM0512.mp3"><strong>David Dallas</strong> – Pay Off </a></p>



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