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Chuckie and Gregori Klosman - "The Numb3r5"

Chuckie has recently been giving other electro house and Dutch house producers a run for their money with his recent work. Today I present you with his latest single which he collaborated on with Gregori Klosman. This single is everything you could want in an electro house single: a fiery intro with a climatic build that's beside a trembling kick snare pattern. When the melody comes in, you're captured by the pop-y side of the track then taken back but the heavy synth that works with a deep kick that is sure to tear up any club. Be warned; you are sure to see this one being pumped out of nightclubs and DJ's laptops for the next little while so suck up as much of this track's glistening shine as possible. 

Download: Chuckie and Gregori Klosman - The Numb3r5 (Original Mix)

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