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Ghost Beach - "Miracle"

What a joyous time of year--the school year is coming to an end, festival season is in full force and the weather is warming by the day. The impending summer, which seemed so elusive not two months ago, is creeping effortlessly upon us, inviting dormant sun-glossed tunes to come front and center. One of the bands spearheading the feel-good summer charge is Brooklyn duo Ghost Beach, who serve up a delectable fusion of retro synth-laden beats interwoven with a chic tropical-pop. Relative newcomers, Ghost Beach first came onto our music radar less than a year ago with their single "Empty Streets." Since that time, Ghost Beach has steadfastly been offering one new track a month as a free download off their site. The past few days, I have found myself anxiously awaiting May's song, uncertain of whether Ghost Beach would even maintain their regimented release schedule. Luckily for all of us fans, Ghost Beach provided another indie-pop gem, this time entitled "Miracle."

Download: Ghost Beach - MIRACLE

"Miracle" brims with exuberance, radiating rays of warmth so strongly that you may question if you are actually sensing its effects on your skin. Josh Ocean's shrill falsetto, reminiscent of the Passion Pit of yesteryears, guides the track to its summer destination over punchy keyboards and twangy basslines. Equipped with catchy choruses (ah!! its a miracle/Even if its in my head/Ah! like a miracle/I'm in love again) "Miracle" has all the ingredients to snugly earworm itself into your head. 

Included below are some of the prior month's releases. If you enjoy what you hear, head on over to Ghost Beach's website and download all these tracks and more for FREE. Hopefully those tracks can hold you over until a proper full-length release, which rumor has it may start to be recorded as early as the end of May. Residents near Brooklyn can catch Ghost Beach this Saturday, and our nation's Capital dwellers will have the same chance on May 17th.

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