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Cypress x Rusko - "Lez Go" (Feat. Travis Barker) [Video]

The long and winding road leading to the digital release of Cypress X Rusko on June 4 has just had another milestone solidly laid upon it. Today saw the release of a new video for track "Lez Go" with footage taken from their live 2012 Smokeout Show featuring the drumming dynamics of Travis Barker

Not satisfied with a simple release, the collaboration had fans tweet "Lez Go" in order to fill a virtual bong which when brimming would release the full video. Where some of the previous tracks we've heard from the EP aired on the side of Cypress Hill featured on a Rusko track, this time round the sound is certainly electronic but with a much dirtier and distinctly Cyrpress Hill edge to it. 

Check the new video below. 

Dubstep · Electronic · Hip-Hop


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