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XXYYXX//GRANT - Purp In The Drank [Split-Release]

You better be keeping up with xxyyxx and all the other guys at Relief In Abstract by now. Banacrisp and I only post about them what, like twice a week? At least. Anyways, more exciting stuff coming out of RIA: a split single from newcomer GRANT and RIA vet xxyyxx. And just when you thought you couldn't get any more excited, turns out both tracks are "Hard In Da Paint" remixes. Let's get started.

Download: XXYYXX//GRANT - Hard In Da Paint (XXYYXX remix)

I'm speechless: footwork beats, cut up, verbed out vox, and that bass. You've really got to wear headphones for this one. How the fk does he do it? I'm dancing in my chair, half-asleep, pantless, groggy, trying to peel an orange... it's quite the picture. You have this jam to thank. GRANT's mix already dropped on his RIA debut this past April, but it's worth a go-back-and-listen. Those synths and chirping hi-hats, a full chiiillll jam that doesn't come across too busy or crowded. Enjoy 'em both!

Download: GRANT - Hard In Da Paint (GRANT Remix)

Dance · Experimental


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