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Perrion - "Thief's Theme" (Freestyle)

The good homie Perrion has hits us with a new track titled "Thief's Theme", which is a freestyle going over legendary emcee Nas classic record "Thief's Theme." You best to believe this young emcee does this track justice. After you listen to the record check out Perrion's latest mixtape, From Paris With Love, right here. Check It Out And Enjoy!

Download: Perrion - Theif's Theme Freestyle


Nas has been an influence in hip-hop since he started this shit. I wanted to do something to honor that. He’s got his new shit coming out and 20 years in the game is crazy for anyone. It truly shows you that if you stick to your guns and mindset you can do incredible things. In that same light, I honor my fans who asked me to do a Nas freestyle and since I make it a point not to give a fuck what anyone says about “real hip-hop” or the do’s and don’ts of this shit, I made it for them. Enjoy it, hate it, and laugh at the slides that go with the punch lines. Do what you want, I’m here to stay, it ain’t hard to tell. - Perrion

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