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Nemz - "Dub Flex" [Exclusive]

Nemz is a Londoner who works closely with the electronic music producer DistriKt. The two of them bounce ideas off each other and as a result produce astounding work. So naturally, if you liked DistriKt, you will like Nemz. He is currently working on a lot of material and won't be releasing an album for a while, but he has graciously given EARMILK never-before-heard tracks he has been stockpiling for quite some time. "Dub Flex" is just a taster track for what's to come. This tune is a beauty, incorporating aspects of reggae into dubstep. I would have never thought this combination would have worked, but Nemz successfully blended the two. It's a track definitely worthy of a listen. Not to say this is his style, as his other work touches upon everything.

The floodgates have been opened, so just flow with it.    

Download: Nemz - Dub Flex

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