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Nemz - "Dub Flex" [Exclusive]

Nemz is a Londoner who works closely with the electronic music producer DistriKt. The two of them bounce ideas off each other and as a result produce astounding work. So naturally, if you liked DistriKt, you will like Nemz. He is currently working on a lot of material and won't be releasing an album for a while, but he has graciously given EARMILK never-before-heard tracks he has been stockpiling for quite some time. "Dub Flex" is just a taster track for what's to come. This tune is a beauty, incorporating aspects of reggae into dubstep. I would have never thought this combination would have worked, but Nemz successfully blended the two. It's a track definitely worthy of a listen. Not to say this is his style, as his other work touches upon everything.

The floodgates have been opened, so just flow with it.    

Download: Nemz - Dub Flex

Dubstep · Exclusive · Reggae


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9 years ago

Reggae is one of the roots of dubstep my son. Dub was a kind of reggae long before dubstep was around.
At least by my understanding, what we now lovingly term dubstep originated as dub reggae samples incorporated into 2step beats and then shit got crazy and we had first Skream and Benga and then Caspa and Rusko and now Skrillex and Nero and all kinds of whacked out music that we throw under the dubstep umbrella and now we're back to the roots. So yes. This combination works. And it is beautiful.