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Steven A. Clark - "Chemistry"

With the release  of Fornication Under Consent of The King around the corner, Miami transplant (by way of North Carolina) Steven A. Clark has liberated a new track for the masses. For his latest cut Clark teamed up with past collaborator Mr. Familiar to present a track that won't appear on his upcoming release. The track opens up with a twangy guitar riff which quickly subsides as the track morphs into a wobbly percussion-driven number.

In addition to the track, check out the latest webisode, Brunch With Steven A. Clark, which documents Clark's recent trip to Brooklyn. In the clip, Clark discusses the subconscious nature of making music, his humble beginnings as a beat-maker in NC and what led him to take up songwriting.

Fornication Under Consent of The King due out June 11 via L&E Media Co.



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