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Pony Pony Run Run – "Hey You" (Thomas Tonfeld Remix)

This guy is a beast at remixing. Thomas Tonfeld takes on a heavy French house influence, which makes his remixes very catchy and enjoyable. That clean, nostalgic 90s vibe always gets to me when I browse through his music. And his latest remix of Pony Pony Run Run's "Hey You" is no different. Drawing upon sounds that you may find similar to Daft Punk, he incorporates french house elements with a nice filtered sound. "Hey You" in its original form is already pretty catchy as it is, but Thomas Tonfeld takes it to another level by changing the overall feel, and not to mention the genre. It's not too in your face, which I like. But it does have enough "umph" to really get you going. This remix is definitely going into my summer playlist.

Disco · House


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