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Está Vivo - "Smile Back" [Premiere]

McMahon says, "'Smile Back" is about a woman I kept seeing last summer walk down the street by my house, in which I kind of became infatuated with but whenever I were to see her I was always too shy to introduce myself. After the summer, she kind of just disappeared and I haven't seen her since". The mystery woman inspired a blissful pop song and I can't help but think of how flattered she would be if she acknowledged this. Give "Smile Back" a listen below. It can take you back to early mornings of watching Saturday cartoons with a bowl of rainbow colored cereal, but also to a tropical island, dancing goofily in a hawaiian shirt/dress. Enjoy and don't forget to follow Ryan McMahon because he "smells like noon and taste like rainbows".

Download: Está Vivo - Smile Back

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