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Alex Winston - "Guts" (The Sound of Arrows Remix)

Alex Winston's music is very much centered around her voice, which is not only beautiful, but resembles a Motown style we haven't really seen before. Her debut LP King Con is stock full of graceful tunes that all maintain a sense of tranquility while often finishing off with more energy than what was started with. We've seen quite a few solid remixes pop up around the web since the LP dropped, most of them centering around the hit track "Sister Wife," but perhaps none are more personable than The Sound Of Arrows take on "Guts." Contrary to what is expected from both artists involved, the remix is an energetic tune that bounces around to a dancy beat.

Download: Alex Winston - Guts (The Sound of Arrows Remix)

Disco · Indie · Synth


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Sean Michael
9 years ago

Wow, I am absolutely in love with this remix...