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Half and Half Presents: An April End Mix

Another month end, means another month end mix. Over the past four weeks, I've hooked y'all up with four new artists (or, more aptly, artists that I happen to be listening to a lot of) and now it is time to put those artists together into one mix (which by the way, is really just a 'blend'; I'm what they call an 'iPod DJ'.) As per usual, there is a link recap, so if you want to do some digging  now is your chance. Now go and listen to this mix, and think about all that time saved from you not having to choose your next song.

Half and Half Presents - April End Mix

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/44906495" iframe="true" /]

Track List

CFCF - Excercise 1 (Entry)
King Felix - Spring 01
Prince Innocence - Girls
Prince Innocence - Shells
Lloyd - Lay It Down (Physical Therapy Remix)
Magick Mountain - Plains (Physical Therapy Praise Mix)
CFCF - Excercise 8 (Change)

Half and Half April Recap

April Week 1 - Prince Innocence
April Week 2 - CFCF
April Week 3 - Physical Therapy
April Week 4 - King Felix



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