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Half and Half Presents: King Felix

After releasing her single for her upcoming debut LP Quarantine, Brooklyn's Laurel Halo releases her second release under electronic alter-ego, King Felix, Spring EP. This record is the first release off of Mute's new electronic imprint, Liberation Technologies. According to its website, the Spring EP "draws from a melee of influences, sharply carving out its own sonic pallette. Driving and dramatic, it's uplifiting theme-and-variation on oscillation and forward motion". In other words, its really fucking good.

Look out for her debut LP, Quarantine, due out on May 28th in the UK and June 5th in the States on Hyperdub Records. Check out the opening track, Spring 01

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/42848548" iframe="true" /]

 King Felix Spring EP

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