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Unlimited Free Milkshakes - Art Week 2012 [Compilation]

Last year, we discovered Sam Ray, also known as Rickyeatacid, an active lo-fi music producer whose also part of Gremlins and other miscellaneous projects. One of these fun ventures is a label with his “internet wifey” Jasmine called Unlimited Free Milkshakes. They released their first compilation of sixteen tracks from their best friends, one including a piece from Ray, himself, titled “when you wake up ill be gone little cat”.

The collection is named Art Week 2012 and freed on Ray’s 21st birthday, April 25th. Much like his other associations, Art Week 2012 is what many would consider as “weird music”. The compilation begins with one of the few lyrical tracks (Wrassle Mania-“Hate Fuckers”), welcoming all to carefree atmosphere. Then, as soon as The Beekeeper takes over, Art Week graduates to ambient drones, experimental noise and acid pop. There are fun turns and switches in the arrangement of Art Week. Some of my favorites are from Arrange, Teen Suicide, Blithe Field, cute boy kissing booth and uuuuuu. Art Week 2012 is available for only $7. Grab it below.

Stream: Blithe Field - Mistakes

      morning cinders
Stream: uuuuuu - morning cinders

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