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Stereocool – "Simple" (Feat. Ace)

This versatile artist amazes me in how he has flown so low under the radar. Stereocool is a funk and pop-driven music producer. He had his fair share of remixes in his career, but it was only a matter of time when he finally started to create original work. "Simple" is a single release from his upcoming album due out April 27

The starting minute of "Simple" made me want to get down and groove across the living room. An extremely catchy beat finally initiates the poppy and funky style that Stereocool has become fond of. When the vocals enter the fray with a slight auto-tune, it all goes down. The disco ball drops, the lights dim, the strobe starts flickering, and the bodies hit the wooden dance floor. Stereocool takes a fresh approach to old genres and gives them that flair it needs from today's trends. Hit play and boogie.

Electro Pop · Indie · Pop


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