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Allen Walker - "Plastic Dude"

Allen Walker has been on a remix rampage for the past year. Yesterday, he surprised all of us with original, solo work. His style is a smooth and fluid nu-disco type of music that is blended with touches of house. "Plastic Dude" is a track off of his latest 3-song EP I Am Allen Walker.

The track instantly throws you int a groovy rhythm, reminiscent of something out of a disco. When I first listened to this track, I couldn't help but notice the French house spice that's so intricately intertwined within the song. In a strange way, "Plastic Dude" reminds me of Daft Punk. Is it the smoothness? The catchiness? I'm not too sure. One thing I am sure though is I am excited for what lies in store for the future tunes of iamAllenWalker.

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