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Steve Sessler - "Drunk Soul"

Question. Who the hell is Steven HesslerAnswer. I have little-to-no idea, but he rocks. This renaissance man does poster art, album art, photography (all of it dope) out of Sacramento, and releases some way slinky-sexy-bluesy-garage rock on the side. Or maybe the art stuff is on the side... Anyways, he just released "Drunk Soul," which is the first single off his upcoming record Vol. 2 (his debut effort Vol. 1 was self-released this past January), and it ("Drunk Soul") is a dope track.

Think The Doors meets Kyuss meets early Black Keys. That should give you a good idea. Brutish drums, power(pain)ful vox, and slabs and slabs of quick drying magma-hot bass. What more could a guy(gal) ask for. Enjoy it, and some choice picks from Vol. 1.

From the upcoming Vol. 2

      Drunk Soul
Download: Steven Sessler - Drunk Soul

Highlights from Vol. 1

      02 SCREAM
Download: Steven Sessler - SCREAM

      07 WASTE (feat. bri)
Download: Steven Sessler - WASTE (feat. bri)

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