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EQ - Nonfiction [Mixtape]

Good news. A-Rayz is on ANOTHER mixtape. This time on Richmond-based EQ's Nonfiction mix. Who's EQ? I'm glad you asked. He's a nineteen-year-old (kid) who's opened for XV and Mac Miller, absolutely killing it in the mid-Atlantic scene, with his mix of Iron & Wine inspired hip-hop/r&b. Didn't mean for that to rhyme.

Of course you should take a listen to "Fuck You Cupid," it's a great mix of jazz and soul and hip hop and funk (all the good ish) by A-Rayz. Other highlights include "Those Kids," which has a more straightforward stand-up bass feel, with some pick up beats and piano stabs. "Collage" + "Europa Outro" are more experimental tracks with spaced out vox, modulated synths, and less-straightforward beats.

Take a listen. Take a track (or four) (or all). I hope you enjoy.

      02 Those Kids (prod. Robbie Hrabe)
Download: EQ - Those Kids (prod. Robbie Hrabe)

      06 Fuck You Cupid (prod. A-Rayz)
Download:EQ - Fuck You Cupid (prod. A-Rayz)

      15 Collage (prod. various)
Download: EQ - Collage (prod. various)

      16 Europa Outro (prod. EK)
Download: EQ - Europa Outro (prod. EK)



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