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The Soundmen - "Funny Feeling" (feat. All Dom Wrong)

Those of you into remixes, you are sure to run into The Soundmen in one song or another. It's not that big of a surprise really. This duo's natural habitat seems to be with remixes. Recently, this is not the case. I am pleased to inform you that they are currently working on original, solo material that will supposedly be dropped sometime this year. Their latest tune "Funny Feeling," featuring All Dom Wrong, demonstrates that they are capable of composing quality works themselves. 

In this track, colorful, upbeat synths are laced in and out through a groovy rhythm. All Dom Wrong's seductive and suave voice ties it all together and makes this overarching mood of the song happy, with a sense of freshness. The main aspect of this tune that I enjoy is it's easy on the ears, and modest on the effects. It's not too noisy, yet it's not too soft for you to fall asleep. They have a unique, distinguishing sound that makes them stand out from just being another indie pop band.

      Funny Feeling featuring All Dom Wrong
Download: The Soundmen - Funny Feeling featuring All Dom Wrong

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