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Linkin Park – "Burn It Down"

I must admit, Linkin Park is one of those bands that make songs that I either dislike entirely or thoroughly enjoy. Their latest single release, "Burn It Down," is from their upcoming album Living Things, and is due this coming June. Many people overlook just how unique Linkin Park really is. I can't think of a band that is similar to them. They incorporate various metal elements, as well as gradually adding more of an electronic aspect to their style.

"Burn It Down" is a good representation of the direction their evolutionary path. In the first seconds of the song, it is apparent that electronics have become a prominent factor in their work. Despite using more synths and effects, they maintain their identity and style. Loyal fans of Linkin Park would not be disappointed with their latest track. It has a very catchy chorus, groovy instrumentals, and smooth singing. It is definitely safe to say that I thoroughly enjoy their latest release. I look forward to hear what is in store in Living Things.  



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  • "Despite using more synths and effects, they maintain their identity and style." haha
    I think this track is crap but I dont think iv ever been a fan of theirs just thought it was interesting that earmilk would feature them. They are by no means lacking attention.

    Lurid April 17, 2012 6:40 PM Reply

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