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David Banner - Celebrating and Uplifting Women in Rap Music [Video]

As a progressive (dare I say liberal) minded gentleman, an avid lover of hip hop/rap and, more importantly, a man whose mother instilled in him the importance of respecting and treating women as the delicate and precious creatures they are, it's rather hard to reconcile my own personal respect for the fairer sex and the undeniably misogynistic and chauvinistic lyrics found in many rap songs made by artists I support. A fellow progressive-minded fellow and never one to mince words, David Banner briefly speaks to Madame Noire on the inextricable yet strained relationship between male rappers and women, referencing his own memorable bawdy 2005 single "Play" as one of his personal attempts to celebrate and uplift women through his music. Check out the clip and share your opinion on the subject.

Be on the look out for David Banner's much hyped free album Sex, Drugs & Video Games due out May 22.

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