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Zulu Winter - "Silver Tongue"

The inception of Oxfordshire, UK quintet Zulu Winter has been in the making for quite some time, giving meaning to the phrase “Dedication is key.” Friends from a young age and led by singer Will Daunt, the five-peice has been messing around and creating music since the age of 15. After twelve years and various guises, the friends decided to sit down and craft what will become Zulu Winter’s debut LP — Language — set to be released by Arts & Crafts on June 19.  

Earlier this year, we were treated with the lead single from the album,“We Could Be Swimming.” Yesterday the band released their second single “Silver Tongue,” which following in form of the first release, presents a catchy indie-pop ballad.

      Silver Tongue
Download: Zulu Winter - Silver Tongue

      We Should Be Swimming
Download: Zulu Winter - We Should Be Swimming

Interestingly, the songs offer forward an incongruity, much in the same vein as the band’s name does (The Zulu are the largest ethnic group in South Africa, living in a hot, humid, region, where the term winter  has little semblance to what the UK or United States equate to the word). With foot-tapping riffs layered over breezy, ethereal echoes, the songs give off the pretense of a lighthearted summer outing. Daunt’s alluring falsetto adds to this facade, yet the songs offer a different interpretation, one in which pensive melancholy meets emotional insight. Fans expecting a danceable pop album may be caught off guard; Language will feature an eclectic roster, with songs similar to already heard singles alongside a collection of more mellow, atmospheric tunes.

Zulu Winter just wrapped up their first-ever U.S. shows, having made an appearance at SXSW followed by two gigs in Brooklyn, NY, and playing alongside Polica and Willis Earl Beal. If you enjoy what you hear, feel free to download the tracks and keep an eye out for their debut in June.  



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