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Lonely Haunts - Eponymous EP

Written and recorded in 2 hours on 4/9/2012. I wrote the lyrics, put some simple chords to it. Sang really badly and uploaded this for free.

Lonely Haunts (aka Dustin Moritz of Iowa) shouldn't be so hard on himself. Yeah, I've always had a soft spot for okay musicians from the midwest (*ahem* Yellow Ostrich), but this guy is good. Plus, it's cool that he set out to do this whole Eponymous EP thing in a fucking day. Judge for yourself, but I really enjoyed this. Peace. (Fun Fact: Lonely Haunts ((maybe)) gets his name from a dope poem by Darryn John Murphy, drink it up liberal-art majors)

      03 i am fine now (but tomorrow never knows)
Download: lonely haunts - i am fine now (but tomorrow never knows)

      02 july in the midwest
Download: lonely haunts - july in the midwest

      01 suddenly this seems all too familiar
Download: lonely haunts - suddenly this seems all too familiar

(P.S. Another artist without a Facebook... or a Soundcloud, or a Twitter.)

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