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#Mashup Monday - Week 57

Mashup Monday - We're back again with some of the freshest mashes to start your week off right. These are the mashes that are worth hearing, so stop your searching and instead settle down at your computer... turn up your speakers... and get ready for that sweet nectar that only EARMILK can give ya. Let's GO.

Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? I've always wondered how a person could think the previous statement is true but after trying to trim down this week's segment of Mashup Monday, I know understand the full meaning. Trying to make up for missing last week, I managed to simplify the list down to 30 songs. The problem? I was shooting for 20-ish.

 2 tracks that I want to highlight right away are from Ego and Bars Deep. Ego's track was just what I was looking for. High-energy, good use of vocals (courtesy of Ludacris) to complement the beat, and just plain sick. Everything flowed well together, which made me feel like this track was something that he spun live in a set. I can definitely see myself throwing down with this track live. Bars Deep, on the other hand, sticks to what he does best. I've always admired how Bars manages to take tracks that aren't normally used, and mashes them into a track that is a joy to listen to. This time around, he takes Flosstradamus' Remix of Major Lazer's "Original Don" and pairs it with Missy Elliott and Freak Nasty. Major Lazer's "Original Don" has such a distinct sound and would seemingly be hard to mash with, but Bars takes this unique track and nails it. I'm a fan of different sounding tracks, and the risk that Bars takes is well-rewarded with the end result.

Another track that I enjoyed was "Yo I Ain't Snappin'" by  The Co1onel. The track has a distinct dirty South hip-hop flair to it and is 100% Hip-Hop and Rap infused mash. If you're looking to get away from EDM, this is a nice change of pace while still maintaining a bassy edge. Trevor Morgan's "Looking at Icypoles" has a similar hip-hop feel due to Nas dropping bars, in the manner that he has become known for, on top of StarSlinger's remix of Alpine. Took me a couple of listens to appreciate the mash (thanks Zach), but it's a nice addition and unique spin on Nas.

Of course, we got some new tracks from Basic Physics, a monster collaboration between DJ Trademark and Yoni, a very nice (at times too busy) mash of Rack City from Doug Bogan, and great mashes from my boys DJ Bahler and Mitch-Mash. However with 22 songs to check out, I doubt you want me to continue taking up writing space and just let y'all get to the tracks. So take a listen below...

      Ego - Hood Dance
Download: Ego - Hood Dance

      Buzzin Hunnids
Download: Doug Bogan - Buzzin Hunnids

      Bars Deep - Dirty Wet Thunder Dips
Download: Bars Deep - Dirty Wet Thunder Dips

      Koyote - Sending My Love
Download: Koyote - Sending My Love

      One Night (Styles and Complete Edit)
Download: Wiz Khalifa X Deadmau5 X Caspa - One Night (Styles&Complete Edit)

      Yo I Aint Snappin
Download: The Co1onel feat. Yung LA, Lil Jon, E-40, & Sean P - Yo I Ain't Snappin'

      01 Island of Gold (Basic Physics Bootleg)
Download: Thomas Gold (feat. Pendulum, R3HAB, & Swanky Tunes) - Island of Gold (Basic Physics Bootleg)

Download: DJ Trademark & Yoni - Wonderfield

      Sound Remedy - Fuck All Yall
Download:Sound Remedy - Fuck All Y'all (Sound Remedy Mashup)

      Mashup-Germany - Numb Encore 2012
Download: Mashup-Germany - Numb Encore 2012

      DJ Bahler - I Dont Want To Be Alone
Download: DJ BAHLER - I Don't Want to be Alone

      Mitch-Mash - Ambition
Download: Mitch-Mash - Ambition

      Paya-Pd - Jumpgun
Download: Paya-Pd - Jumpgun (Zedd x Afrojack)

      Oh No (I Came)
Download: TeeTs - Oh No! (I Came)

      Trevor Morgan - Looking At Icypoles
Download: Trevor Morgan - Looking at Icypoles

      Moves Like Skrillex (Rihanna Alesso Skrillex Maroon 5 Usher)
Download: The Catalina Rhyme Mixers - Moves Like Skrillex (Rihanna, Alesso, Skrillex, Maroon 5, Usher)

      Lamrank - BackRattle (Bingo Players x Fedde Le Grand)
Download: Lamrank - Back & Rattle (Bingo Players x Fedde Le Grand)

      Dr. Brixx - Fuck U Till The End
Download: Dr. Brixx - Fuck U Till The End

      Compson Sound - Dont Stop the One That Got Away (Madeon x Katy Perry x Rihanna x Journey)
Download: Compson Sound - Don't Stop the One That Got Away (Madeon x Katy Perry x Rihanna x Journey)

      Pursuit Of Being Stronger (Koyote bootleg)
Download: Koyote - Pursuit of Being Stronger (Koyote Bootleg)

      A Real Hero Against The World (Tupac x College ft Electric Youth)
Download: wait what - A Real Hero Against The World (Tupac x College ft Electric Youth

      Pixel Cheese - You And ID (Alesso x Steerner x Medina)
Download: Pixel Cheese - You and ID (Alesso x Steerner x Medina)

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