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The Dean's List - "Youth" [VIDEO]

Congratulations to the boys of The Dean's List for their success with the new album Generation X (Buy it on iTunes here). It's already seeing #4 on the iTunes charts and, judging by the amount of retweets from people buying the album, it should be climbing higher everyday. In honor of their newest release, they now have given us the visuals for their first single "Youth" featuring the soothing vocals of Berkley College of Music grad Sid Sriram. Can't say enough about Sriram coupled with these guys, a great combo from old friends. This is also one of the better visuals I've seen and although Sonny is the only one rapping it does a great job of visually incorporating all three members as well as some other cool concepts into the video. See it below and buy the album!

The Dean's List (feat. Sid Sriram) - Youth

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