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The Blank - "Leona"

A mellow beat producer from the land down under, The Blank has been making sweet tunes recently, and it's about time. His work is wonderful, including self-produced, collaborations, and remixes. The Blank is perfect for those who like those dark or ambient, minimalistic songs.  This track I bring you is fresh from the blender.  

"Leona" serves up a dark, melancholic beat that will leave you in a shroud of mystique. But lighter elements come into play in the latter part of the tune to pull you out of the gloom. This sexy beat is what captured me and intrigued me to let this track bathe me in its mysterious ambiance. The Blank is swiftly moving into one of those musicians whom I salivate for more.


Download: The Blank - Leona

Chillout · Electronic


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